OFATCE GLOBAL LIMITED is an indigenous Limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria (RC 655741) on 5th June, 2006 under the companies and allied matter act of 1990.A team of indigenous expert and qualified personnel manage the company.

We undertake Engineering functions, executing jobs to utmost customer’s satisfaction by relying on a team of proven Engineers, well versed in prudential application of financial and material resources to achieve a cost effective results within the precinct of quality and international standards.



We are here at this time and space to eliminate frustration, solving customers engineering needs quite efficiently and cost effectively thereby creating wealth and strength for all stakeholders.

Also to provide total quality services (TQS) and total quality management (TQM) in the areas of;

  • Corrosion control
  • Electrical, Mechanical & Instrumentation
  • Tank cleaning and maintenance services
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • Manpower supply and project supervision services
  • Procurement services
  • Calibration and Metering

For Nigeria Oil and Gas exploration, Engineering, Construction and maintenance operations. By working closely with one client, key suppliers and communities to improve the quality of our services, using latest technology available world wide at a competitive price.

We believe the improvement in efficiency of the business process would result in net reduction in operating cost for the overall benefit of Nigeria (Nations) Economy.



Our vision is to see business in Nigeria Blossom leveraging on our Engineering and Procurement services. No frustration, No limitation.



The management of OFATCE GLOBAL LIMITED shall establish the objective of the elements of quality policy, such as fitness for use, performance safety and reliability.  All levels of management shall develop specialized quality objective consistent with the company’s cooperate quality policy as well as other corporate objectives.

The primary objective of the OFATCE GLOBAL LIMITED is to;

  • Meet a well defined quality need.
  • Satisfy client’s quality expectations/philosophy
  • Comply with Client’s applicable and approved quality standards and specification.
  • Comply with statutory quality requirements of the society including laws, statutes, rules and regulations, codes environmental consideration, health, safety and security factors and conservation of energy materials as required by international standard organization.



OFATCE GLOBAL LIMITED as a full pledge indigenous Engineering/Procurement company with local personnel that will constantly abide by its mission statement by applying the seven principles of:-

  • Setting goals and objectives for the different sections.
  • Establishing accurate control measurement.
    • Translating strategic options and selecting appropriate strategies.
  • Analysing its market visa-vis scope and sphere of operations.
  • Constantly assessing its strength.
  • Analysing its competitors in the market constantly.
    • Patronising local materials without compromising quality and excellent

It is also worthy of note, that as part of our strategy development culture, for every project a specific “Project Management System” is developed recognising the importance of equipment availability and integrity rather than a prescriptive component regime. To this end, equipment shall be prioritised depending on criticality and, there after, system monitored to ensure compliance with LEGISLATIVE STANDARD.